Filexchange service is ending. Omnicom now provides a more versatile file sharing service, Secure Share.

Please start using Secure Share now!

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Log in with your work email address and password.
Setp 3: Click on your region's Secure Share tile:

Secure Share Region Tiles

Please fill in the following details.

Step 1 - Setup Approved Agency E-Mail Address

Step 2 - Set up Email "To" / "Subject" / "Body"

Step 3 - Not a Robot ? prove it.

Step 4 - Validate and then select files
Select File(s) to Upload

Please follow the instructions below.

Please fill the security code in along with other items and click on "Click Here To Upload" button and then browse for the files you wish to share and follow the instructions.

You can upload multiple files by holding "Ctrl" button pressed on keyboard and selecting mutiple files.

Do not use FileXchange to transfer confidential data. FILES FROM FILEXCHANGE ARE NOT SECURE AND ARE PUBLICLY AVAILABLE. For secure file transmission, please use

All files are permanently deleted after 4 days.

Performance is directly related to the size of file and the current Internet connection speed. Upload speeds vary based on your local/network bandwidth.

FileXchange transfers are not backed up and cannot be restored.

Files must have a valid file extension and have standard English characters.

Max Size limit is 2GB. Please use for larger file transmission.